polySpectra X Nexa3D

published6 months ago
1 min read

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nexa3D to bring polySpectra’s COR (Cyclic Olefin Resin) materials to the Nexa3D printer platform!

The partnership will give Nexa3D users another option for 3D printing end-use parts with high-performance properties such as durability, high-impact strength, high-temperature performance, desirable dielectric properties, and moisture- and chemical-resistance.

“We are excited to partner with polySpectra to bring their rugged COR materials to our customers,” said Kevin McAlea, PhD, COO of Nexa3D. “This partnership will expand our customers’ ability to print parts with high-performance properties, suitable for both prototyping and end-use production.”

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Are you already running a Nexa XiP?

We will be shipping validated COR products for the XiP first, followed by the other Nexa hardware. If you have a favorite Nexa printer model that you would like us to prioritize, please reply to this email to let us know.

We're tremendously excited to partner with Nexa, to enable a new cohort of innovative engineers to unlock previously impossible AM applications.

Make it real.


P.S. - Many months ago we asked our email list what their favorite printer was. This partnership was a direct result of that feedback. We love to hear from our community. Don't be shy, please reply.


We help innovative engineers 3D print end-use components that they can trust, using the world’s most rugged photopolymer resins.

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